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TCM at Home

Traditional Chinese Medicine, often abbreviated to TCM, has been in use for many hundreds of yours. Its use spread from its origins in China across the globe, and today is used by many people around the world to see positive health benefits. Taking a holistic approach to overall wellbeing, people use TCM to cure illnesses and prevent health problems. It can be used for both physical and mental ailments, and there are several elements from TCM that you can use by yourself at home for a healthier and more wholesome life.  

TCM Summer Diet Tips

With summer quickly approaching, many people are keen to shift a bit of winter weight in preparation for wearing lighter and skimpier clothes that do not always hide unforgiving lumps and bumps. Maybe you are planning a summer vacation for which you want to look at your best, or maybe you feel that being a bit thinner will help you cope with the warmer weather. Whatever your reasons are, TCM can be a great tool to consider when trying to lose a bit of weight and slim down for summer. 


Reiki is an alternative form of medicine, used for healing, relaxation, and well being, that originated in Japan. It is similar to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in that it works with the central concept of a person having a flow of life energy running through the body. If this energy flow is blocked or hindered a person can become ill or run down.

Skin Disorders and TCM

Many people will suffer from some sort of skin condition at some point in their lives. The skin in the body’s largest organ, and it is also the part of the body that is most exposed to the elements. It can be affected by both external and internal factors, and can react to things such as diet, chemicals, environment, stress, sunlight, parasites, allergens, and similar. There are also certain diseases and illnesses that directly affect the skin.

TCM and Jet Lag

Jet lag is a form of extreme mental and physical tiredness, often combined with strong lethargy, following a long flight that crossed several time zones. It is difficult for a person to adjust to the new time, and sleeping patterns are commonly really disturbed. It can be really irritating, especially at the start of a short dream holiday, and it is typical for a person to feel quite dizzy, disorientated, and generally out of sorts. Sleeping habits can also be disjointed and out of kilter.

TCM and Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are, unfortunately, a very common problem that men face as they become older. The prostate gland is at the bottom of the bladder, near to the urinary tract that leads from the bladder to the penis.


Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, and is widely used in TCM and other types of medicine that are often referred to as alternative remedies. The name comes from the Latin word for needle, acus, and pressure.

TCM and Hair Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine, often abbreviated to TCM, is an ancient medical system that takes a holistic approach to ensure overall well-being. It treats both root causes, which may or may not be immediately apparent to the untrained practitioner, as well as the problematic symptoms.  It can be used to treat many conditions, including hair loss. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss, which can be very distressing, leading to problems with confidence and self esteem.

Using TCM to Boost Your Immune System

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an ancient medical system that aims to promote overall health and well being. It focuses on the kind, body, and soul for a holistic approach to medical needs. It includes various treatments and lifestyle changes, and programs are always based on an individual. Every single person is different, and this is why TCM practitioners will fully examine you and your lifestyle before making any recommendations.

Physical Therapy and TCM

Physical therapy is a vital part of many rehabilitation programs. It promotes mobility, helps to build strength, and increases flexibility. Physical therapy also helps to improve balance, coordination, stability, and endurance. It helps to relieve pain and tension. It is a way of retraining muscles and joints. It is used after an accident or trauma, in some degenerative diseases, and to help with long-standing problems.