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James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick, Dr.
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Our clinic has provided personalized, family chiropractic care to men, women and children since 1995. Our safe, gentle procedures have not only helped our patients to regain their health but also to help bring their health to amazing new levels. We have found that many health conditions you or your family may be suffering with respond well to Chiropractic care. We are eager to help you learn more about getting and staying well. We have accomodating hours with a centralized locations both in Rye Brook and Mahopac NY. New patients are seen immediately and "Out of town visitors" are always welcome. We have proven over the years that you need not "Learn to live" with deteriorating health. Call today and take the first step in learning to help yourself or the one you love! We are dedicated to the health of you and your family and look forward to speaking with you or meeting in person.

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Phone: 646-331-3489
James Fitzpatrick
89 Ellen Ave
10541 Mahopac
TCM Treatments:
Nutritional; Kinesiology
Diversified; Appl. Kinesiology; Activator Methods; Nimmo; Travell Soft Tissue; Manual Adjusting
Pediatrics; Family Pract.; Exercise & Fitness; Low Force; Weight Mgmt.; Scoliosis; Sports, Fitness, Performance; Spinal Cord Injury

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