Alcohol and TCM

Alcoholism is a common problem for millions of people in the world. It is the killer of millions of lives and the main reason of disorders.

In society alcohol plays some role, as no occasion or holiday is complete without this drink. In the long run, it can be a dead end, because you become addicted to drinking, without recognizing the problem. Alcohol like any other drugs has a harmful influence on our health that effects our brain and in such a way make people addicted. Unfortunately, most people realize it too late, when they are alcoholics already.

Some people are believed that alcohol may help to overcome depression, release pain, bring confidence, happiness and joy but it is, in fact, imagined facts. One can’t find any solution in alcohol. The consequence of such believes are fatal: dementia, dependence, suicide as well as psychosis.

Over 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine was looking for a miracle treatment from alcoholism and finally they found a traditional therapy. The main task of the Chinese therapy is to reduce the consumption of alcohol by eliminating the toxins in the body, healing the liver and other organs.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, Kudzu (white root) is a very effective remedy in treating not only hangover but alcoholism itself. This healing herb was found in 1876 and is widely used in Traditional Chinese medicine today.

In addition, Kudzu root can influence the organism in some other ways. When you consumed some alcohol, the kudzu tea may cause discomfort, nausea, and rash. Next time when taking it, the person will think twice if to do so or not, keeping in mind all side effects.

Another famous remedy is milk thistle that is widely used for curing alcoholism.  It protects the liver against harmful toxins, caused by alcohol.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not complete without Reishi mushrooms that have healing properties against cirrhosis. Another popular traditional Chinese herb that fights alcoholism is Aloe Vera that is known as a remedy that strengthens the liver and prevent Cirrhosis.

Tai-chi as well as qi-gong -medical exercises also help to treat alcoholism.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not complete without acupuncture. As the result, acupuncture is considered to be one of the best treatment for numerous disorders, including alcoholism. Since the alcohol destroys the body’s sensory system, traditional acupuncture therapy brings it back to life.

According to the latest Chinese investigations, Kava Kava herb is probably the best treatment to reduce anxiety and protect liver. That can be absolutely safe to use.

We cannot but mention the last herb that is very effective in recovering alcoholism. It is well-known as St.John's Wort Chinese herb. It helps to fight depression, reduce drinking and even to give it up.

Thanks to traditional Chinese medicine, you will overcome such a serious illness as alcoholism, heal your body and start your new healthy live.