Causes of Diseases According to TCM

Disease – is a condition affecting organism. In traditional Chinese medicine the difference between cause and effect is not differentiated. However there are three categories of disease causes: external, internal and lifestyle causes (neither-external-nor-internal). 


External causes are those, originated outside the body. It a well-known fact that environment affects our health greatly. Such weather conditions as wind, cold, summer heat etc affect our bodies and health. Wind can cause dizziness, if combined with cold it can easily lead to flu and fever. Cold usually affects lungs.  Summer heat causes exhaustion and extremely often dehydration. 


Internal causes of diseases are those which occur inside the body and they are understood in accordance with the theory of seven emotions. In traditional Chinese medicine emotions are not interpreted as good or bad. It is natural to feel both joy and anger in different life situations, it is normal. The point is that imbalance – can be a cause of different diseases.  The lack of emotional expression for instance can cause disharmony. Joy in excess can result in insomnia, heart injuries or hysteria, anger in liver problems and high blood pressure. Sadness affects such organs as lungs and heart causing fatigue and insomnia.  Fear affects kidneys, shock - kidneys and heart, pensiveness – spleen.

Lifestyle causes

Lifestyle is what influences our health the most. Balance – is a key factor in TCM, and the excess or deficit are understood as causes of disease. The food we eat is what gives us life energy and it is very essential for it to be healthy. Proper diet is a foundation of good health. The ideal food in traditional Chinese medicine is grains, meat: beef, chicken and pork. It’s better to reduce the consumption of fried meal, coffee, chocolate and ice cream. Salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine are regarded as toxins. 

TCM Practitioners claim that dietary irregularities may cause stomach ache and diarrhea. Improper diet combined with environmental factors can easily cause a disease. Exercises are of course essential. Our body needs movement for normal blood and energy flow.

Imbalance between yin and yang is another factor that can cause imbalance. The struggle between good or bad, right or evil doesn’t bring any use to our health. When the balance is maintained the body is healthy. Otherwise this imbalance can be a cause to any disease. In general in traditional Chinese medicine the relations between health and disease are understood as a struggle between evil and right qi where the balance in the body is the main factor. 

It is understandable that in the 21st century we all live hectic lives and sometimes it is impossible to take care properly of our health, to eat normally and to exercise. But every human being is the author of his or her health or disease. Moreover you can always refer to TCM that gives a lot of tips how to cure and prevent cold and flue as well as more serious disfunctions.