Cerebral Palsy And TCM

It is truly horrible when children are sick, especially if they were born this way. Cerebral palsy is one of the most difficult diseases. Usually called incurable, it puts the parents in an awful position when they should spend their lives taking care of their child.

Scary as it may sound, children with cerebral palsy are hardly moving, they cannot lift anything and usually are not able to walk. Luckily, the disease is curable. But those who heard such diagnose for the child should hurry because the first 8 month are the most precious in fighting cerebral palsy.

The most famous treatment of cerebral palsy is a needle therapy. A Chinese method became famous all over the world in the 1980s. It was in 80s when world scientists defended their thesis about needle therapy and cerebral palsy. But their main warning was to prepare to 6-8 courses, each one includes 10 sessions. And the most important they should be done in the first year of the child.

According to a joint Chinese and Russian program of a needle therapy for cerebral palsy patients, needle therapy is suitable for those patients who have high muscular tone. Those with a low one should consider acupuncture and moxibustion (a method used by warming special markings on the body with a help of absinthial cigar). All these methods should be combined with a special diet and exercises. The best exercises would be hippotherapy (therapeutic horse riding).

Back in 990 A.D Chinese started to use a special herbal medicine, called “Lu ven di huan van”. It includes several herbals like foxglove root. Foxglove root is very much like ginseng, it is one of the main treatments in fighting cerebral palsy as it increases muscular tone of the body and heart and favors the body weight gain.

There were numerous cases when a patient was cured by “Lu ven di huan van” medicine. The first and most famous happened in USA, when Ms Meser used the medicine to cure cerebral palsy patient. It was a girl of six years with weak muscle tone and backwardness. After the course of one and a half month of the medicine and laser puncture she started to talk and walk with a help of adults.

Anticonvulsant and sedative action is achieved with a help of milk thistle. This plant is very useful for those who survived cerebral accident, reconstructs speech and movement abilities.