Common Problems TCM Can Help With

There are several health and life problems that people deal with everyday. The real problem is that they don’t have to deal with these issues, but don’t know about traditional Chinese medicine and what it can do for their particular condition. Following will describe some of the most common health issues found all over the world, from headaches to diabetes, and what traditional Chinese medicine can do for these problems.


According to tradition Chinese medicine (TCM) headaches are not just headaches. There are different classifications that TCM takes the initiative to figure out before assigning treatment, because there are different types of headaches caused by different types of stress and issues. Once the doctors figure out the specifics of the problem, they attack it from the source, choosing the most appropriate from an array of solutions, from herbal remedies to acupuncture.

If you have headaches and are tired of being told that Advil will do the trick, seek out a solution with TCM.


While there are several plans that have been provided to help addicts of all kinds, TCM has discovered a revolutionary technique that is effective, and heals and protects the body as well as the mind.

Alcoholism is a disease that destroys bodies and lives. With TCM, a patient can use Chinese therapy to help their addiction and help heal the liver and kidneys, as well as other organs that may have been affected by the disease.

The Common Cold & The Flu

Another couple of very common problems that TCM can help with are the common cold and the flu. TCM has developed yet another revolutionary thought process in terms of the cold and flu, which are far more helpful than the “no cure, just let it ride out” philosophy.

TCM takes a hard look at the energy that your body is producing, and helps you keep that energy during the colder months when your body has to work a lot harder to stay warm, therefore exhausting a lost more energy that’s commonly used to help your immune system.

TCM uses simple herbal remedies to ward off flu and cold symptoms, and help keep your body strong during the colder months. It also focuses a lot on temperature management. Warm strengthens your body, so you may be able to make use of a warm bath or other body-warming methods to help give your body a break from so much cold.


Diabetes is another disease that has to be managed in order to be handled safely. There are two types, one caused by lack of insulin in the body and another caused by glucose, or at least, that’s the standard definition in the vast majority of the world today.

TCM categorizes it into 3 types, and each affects a different part of the body. This helps TCM specialists attack the problem at the core. There is herbal therapy, as well as the diet changes that are necessary, to restore someone who has a deteriorated body from diabetes back to health.


Smoking is the number one addiction of the world next to alcoholism, and admittedly causes just as many if not more deaths throughout the world than alcoholism does.

If you’re suffering from a smoking addiction and need help, TCM will be able to help you fight and conquer your addiction to tobacco, helping you lead a stronger, longer, and healthier life free of cancer and other problems that smokers face.

Acupuncture helps tobacco addicts have an easier time quitting their smoking addiction, by providing an alternative method of relaxation and stress release. It reduces cravings, but it will not cure your addiction. You will still need the willpower to stop altogether, but acupuncture will make it a lot easier for you.

TCM also uses herbal remedies to help revive your lungs and rid your body of the toxins that were introduced to it by nicotine and other harsh substances found in your cigarettes. Other forms of medicine have no way of helping you revive your lungs and body, but TCM does.


Insomnia is a clinical disability label used to describe a condition that causes lack of sleeping and resting ability coupled with constant fatigue. It can truly affect peoples’ lives for the worst, and TCM provides a sturdy solution to the problem.

Like many of the other problems that TCM helps people cope with and leave behind, insomnia is looked at by TCM professionals as having several possible causes, and is broken down by these causes so that they may find solutions that deal with the problem at its core. Instead of prescribing a tranquilizer to induce sleep, your TCM specialist will figure out what’s causing your lack of sleep in the first place, and use Chinese therapy and remedies to fix that particular problem.

These are just a few of the common problems that TCM can help with. TCM saves lives and quality of life for many people. If you’re experiencing these problems, contact TCM for your solution strategy.