Prevent Cold and Flue with Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine has a deep understanding of what happens in the body when you catch a cold.  

In winter the heart is stressed as it has to work harder to keep us warm. If the heart is not able to adjust sufficiently, then external cold energies that are stronger in winter time can penetrate the external shield of our body and it will result in catching a cold. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine one of the major energy laws that affect all health issues has to do with the balance of fire and water energies within the body. This is true even within each internal organ. When someone gets the flu it really means that external cold energies have penetrated the body causing the common symptoms of a cold or flu.

There are four different main types of Chi energy that govern the four main systemic functions of the body. One of these four energies is called "Wey Chi" or "guardian Chi". Wey chi’s responsibility is to protect the body from external cold and wind energies. Anything that makes you feel tired, such as lack of sleep, stress and poor nutrition or simply being out in the cold too long will weaken your guardian chi field and increase your chance of catching cold, flu or other similar illnesses.

How to Strengthen Your Energy Shield

So what can you do to increase your energy shield and protect yourself from cold and flu? 

You can simply add some more physical exercises to your regimen. You can also make sure that you eat enough warming yang foods such as organic meats like turkey, chicken and fish which are effective at building yang energies. The long burning calories from these animal sources are necessary in colder climates to help the heart keep the body warm. Since the heart prefers natural fats, these food will help to increase warming (yang) energy production and ease the strain on the heart at the same time.

There are herbs and herbal teas that you can drink to increase internal fire energies in the right way. Some of these include warming herbs such as ginger, ginseng, cayenne and horny goat weed. Drinking tea made with these herbs can be a good measure to help prevent or treat a cold or a flu.

Another simple method to cope with cold or flu is to get in a warm bathtub and let the warm yang energies of the water penetrate the skin and boost the overall warming energy of the body. You can do this for as long as you like up to forty minutes. This is particularly helpful in strengthening kidneys and lungs as they are main organs involved in the immune system and are often affected in illnesses of external cold penetration. The body will absorb the warming energy from water and this balances the internal cold in the body thus resulting in symptom relief and accelerated healing.

Another technique is to place your hands in warm water for five minutes or more. Try to make it as warm as you can comfortably stand without burning yourself. The many energy meridians that terminate in the hands will absorb the warmth of the water via these energy channels and nerves and transmit that warmth back to their organs. This technique is good to give a quick boost to the immune system when taking a long bath is not an option such as at work or at a friend house. Even just running the hands under a warm faucet can have similar immune boosting effect.

Doing so, you'll also increase your overall resistance to many other diseases