Headache And TCM

It is difficult to call headache a real disease. We all work, study, have our own problems which lead to stress and weakness. These reasons are usually said when someone has a headache, which are true, but only partly.

According to Chinese medicine each person belongs to a different type. This way each one has his own treatment from a headache just as from any other kind of disease. A famous line of “yin and yang” works here two. Before the patient is given a treatment, he/she should be checked by a doctor in order to define the type. Each of the type is divided into six more. Nevertheless, the most spread type is a mixed one.

Chinese medicine has plenty of headache treatments much of which belongs to herbal therapies. It is important to remember that each should be used with a special type.
If you have a splendid headache you should consider taking Chinese therapy. It starts with a diagnosis of the whole body as Chinese believe that if there is pain then you should seek it inside your thoughts. After diagnosis and meditation you will be given reasons why you have a headache.

Chinese doctors recommend acupuncture to most of diseases and headache is no exception. Usually caused by stress and overwork, acupuncture helps a patient to reveal all problems and concentrate on its inner energy. Acupuncture or needle therapy touches important markings, which lead to headache.
Another popular method is to use seed therapy. The method is similar to acupuncture but instead of using needle, a doctor uses seeds. They are to be put of special markings on hands, head and legs. This is perfect for those who cannot stand needles.

The main privilege of Chinese medicine is in absence of chemicals. Even such horrifying diseases as cancer are cured without chemo, as the treatments are based on herbals, massages and acupuncture.
If there is no Chinese medicine institution in your city you can always try various medicals, which are to be used freely for all types of “yin and yan” and a mixed one.

“Chuansun chatao van” is one of the most popular treatments when someone suffers from migraine and heavy headaches, is also used to cure hypertension, bronchitis, genyantritis and frontal sinusitis. The treatment is especially effective when suffering from spinal headache.

“Suhsenian van” is a complex medicine, which contains 14 different herbals. It is used as a pain pill, hypnotic. It increases oxygen microcirculation and decrease arterial tension. It is interesting that this medicine can be used for all mixed types.