Seven Emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine


In modern medicine more and more attention is now being paid to emotional and psychological causes of diseases. According to researches, from 50% to 80% of diseases occur because of inner emotional instability.

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that emotions and physical health are closely connected. Seven natural human emotions such as joy, anger, sadness, pensiveness, grief, fear and fright are understood as inner causes of diseases. Emotional activity is a physiological reaction to the environment, but emotional stress breaks the functions of human organs which lead to diseases. It is normal to feel all of these seven emotions, problems occur when a particular emotion is experienced for a long time what leads to imbalance and the balance in TCM – is a key factor.


This emotion is closely connected with heart. Incredible as it may seem overexcitement is an imbalance in our body, even though all of us want to be happy. People surrounded by parties and fun are more likely to have such health problems as insomnia, palpitations and feelings of agitation.


Anger in traditional Chinese medicine is understood together with resentment, irritability and frustration. Liver – is the organ that suffers the most, it can lead to headache, dizziness and other health problems.


Common symptom of anxiety is irregular breathing. Lungs are considered to play an important role in immune system, which is extremely important as it provides resistance to viruses.


Thinking too much is not good either. It will cause the appetite loss and pale skin which later will lead to a deficiency of spleen.


The lungs are the organ that suffers the most from this emotion. If the grief remains unresolved, it will become chronic and will create disharmony in lungs which can lead to serious diseases.


Fear is a normal human emotion, but if it is chronic it causes disharmony in the whole human body. Symptoms that point to a kidney energy deficiency syndrome are night sweating, poor memory, premature greying or hair loss and back pain. 


Fright especially damages heart and kidneys. It can lead not only to insomnia but to some much more serious health problems. 

TCM Practicioners suggest keeping the harmony in your soul and don’t let negative emotions influence you. Learn how to live in the harmony with the four seasons. In spring for example try to spend more time outside in the nature, enjoy the twittering of birds and the fragrance of flowers; drink more pure green tea or with chinese hearbs as you probably heard about the vital role of tea in TCM. The more time you spend in the harmony with yourself the healthier you’ll be. By taking care of our emotional stability and not letting our emotions be unresolved, we can greatly help our health and avoid imbalance and serious diseases.