TCM and Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are, unfortunately, a very common problem that men face as they become older. The prostate gland is at the bottom of the bladder, near to the urinary tract that leads from the bladder to the penis.

Prostatic Hyperplasia 

The prostate may become enlarged, known as a condition called prostatic hyperplasia. It is usually believed to be related to sexual hormones becoming disrupted and disturbed. It can be very painful, and cause problems with being able to urinate. This condition usually affects those who are over the age of 50. The main signs include an increased need to urinate and difficulties with passing urine. Obstruction may result, and sufferers may develop incontinence. After a long period of time, people may suffer from renal problems, an increased pressure in the abdomen, hernias, and other problematic conditions. 

This non cancerous enlargement of the prostate is one of the most common types of prostate problems. It is also referred to as benign prostatic hypertrophy.  

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is another real concern for older men. Worryingly, prostate cancer can be present with few, or no, obvious signs or symptoms. Regular checkups are recommended for men over the age of 40. If caught early, prostate cancer is being more and more treatable. Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer amongst the male population.

Treatment of Prostate Problems 


There are various treatments available for both types of prostate problems. Surgery and conventional drugs are both an option. There are also, however, many natural remedies that can aid treatment and relieve symptoms. In most cases, conventional medicine can be used alongside TCM and other forms of what is often referred to as complimentary or alternative medicine systems. 

A TCM practitioner will fully examine and inspect every person, in order to be able to create a totally individualised and tailored plan. TCM treats people as individuals, and rather than assuming one size fits all and that a specific course of action will help everyone, it looks at the whole body to take a holistic approach; it treats overall well being as well as the main condition, promotes natural healing, helps the body to build immunity and become stronger to prevent further problems, and helps patients to feel calmer and less tense.


Dietary considerations, activity levels, and lifestyle choices can all play a huge part when using TCM to treat prostate problems. 

Lower consumption of red meat and a higher intake of soy products can help. Soy contains two elements that have anti-carcinogenic properties; daidzein and isoflavones genistein. As well as soy milk, tempeh, miso, soy “meat” and other products, you can also take capsules that contain soy extract. Essential fatty acids are great for maintaining a healthy prostate. Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids include fish, nuts, and various natural oils. Other things to include in the diet include chicken, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, garlic, broccoli, avocados, and almonds. These contain beneficial properties, including zinc, vitamin E, and lycopene. 

Exercise is important for maintaining general overall health. Some light exercise can help to relieve prostate problems.

Natural supplements and remedies include nettles, milk thistle, palmetto, pygeum, boron, and selenium. Herbal therapies can be made using a combination of things depending on the individual patient.


Acupuncture may be used in TCM to help improve the circulation and flow of energy to the prostate. By inserting very fine needles under the skin at certain points of the body (known as trigger points on the various meridians) it can aid the prostate function. Similar processes of acupressure (where no needles break the skin) and cupping (reverse pressure created by suction) may also be used.

TCM can be a very valid solution for those that are suffering discomfort, pain, and other problems associated with the prostate. Whilst the majority of TCM patients all over the world are believed to be women, it is important that men do not forget about this ancient medicine system that has been in existence for thousands of years. TCM has stood the test of time to help people, and it could be just the answer that you are looking for.