TCM Secrets to Prolong Your Life

Aging is an inevitable process and neither western nor eastern medicine can stop it. There are such factors as the amount of exercises, diet, lifestyle and family history that determine our life span. No matter what we do, we can´t escape it but with a little effort we can make this process more pleasant. There are ways to slow and regulate it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the things listed below help to enjoy longevity.

Brushing the Hair

It is believed that there are a lot of acupuncture points on the head and brushing the hair stimulates the blood circulation and helps to relieve pain. When possible, make head massage, it helps to eliminate brain fatigue, reduce hair loss and to promote nutrition to the hair follicles. Besides that it also improves memory capacity of the brain. Head massage done before sleep clears the thoughts and helps to fall asleep. 


There are certain acupuncture treatments that are effective for youth preservation. They include treatments for skin tightness and texture. 


It is essential to walk at least for 15-20 minutes a day. It is very important for the blood circulation. Living in the 21st century people mostly lead a sedentary lifestyle seating in offices almost all the day long. It is very important to have breaks every hour especially if you are working in front of the computer.

Cleaning the Teeth and Body

We know the importance of brushing the teeth before going to bed since the yearly age. It is important not only because it cleans oral sediments and helps to avoid problems with teeth but also because it improves our sleep. Sleep is a key factor in slowing down the aging process. Thus washing your face and body before going to bed will help you sleep more comfortably.

Room Ventilation

Fresh air is extremely important for our health. That’s why walking for at least 15 minutes in a park is very beneficial to our health. Don´t forget to keep the bedroom air fresh as it helps to make your sleep more calm and comfortable. 

Rubbing the Feet

TCM practitioners always advise to wash the feet with hot water before going to sleep. In Traditional Chinese Medicine feet are considered to be the pump of the heart. It is even better than taking sleeping pills. Since there are more than 60 acupuncture points on our feet that are connected with internal organs massaging them will help to improve Qi flow and feel more relaxed.