Top Reasons To Have Sex According To TCM

Sex is the most popular and the most wanted activity in the lives of modern people. There are various reasons why people keep on having sex:

  • husbandly duties
  • as anti-stress action
  • to have kids 
  • to receive pleasure

Continuation of a human kind is probably one of the old fashion reasons to do it. Making love, as it’s usually explained by a female part of the world, is one of the greatest activities one can do in order to be in a good mood and to look good. 

According to the world-class magazine Archives of Sexual Behavior there are at least 237 reasons to have sex regularly. Among most interesting answers of respondents were the following: “to get closer to God”, “to warm up”, “to change a subject” and the most extraordinary is “to get rid of a headache”. 

But sex is not only a physical action, many psychologists and therapists believe that it is healthful both for your body and your soul.

Sex As Disease Prevention 

Sex is a good physical exercise, which involves numerous muscles that can be hardly used even in a gym. Sex life is improving immune system, which can be considered as a good prophylactic of distemper and even cold-related diseases. Regular sex is especially useful for women. It is believed to be a great prophylactic of mazopathy (broken breast) and even myoma (muscular tumor). Scientists claim that sex can release pain. In that moment the quantity of endorphin (pleasure hormone) increases, which works as an analgesic. 

Sex As an Intellectual Medicine 

It is interesting that there is a significant use of sex for intellectual abilities. The case is that the brain is aerated during sex contact. As a result, grey cells of brain start to work better, memory increases, which lead to better learning abilities. It is said that having sex is useful before exams or important work.

Sex For Pregnant

Making love is very useful for pregnant as during sex muscles of a pregnant woman are stimulated. Some gynecologists recommend sex as the best training for muscles before giving a birth.

Sex to Stay Fit

Apart from pleasure and medical use, sex is very good for those who want to stay fit. It is said that 15 minutes of sex burns up to 200 calories. It is the same as to do morning exercises for 30 minutes, run for 15 minutes and 10 minutes on a bicycle. It is also that carbohydrate metabolism and steroid hormones are extremely activated during sex. Such effect can be hardly achieved even after an hour in a gym.

Curiously, that having sex with a stranger rarely leads to all above mentioned achievements and sex with a loving parker (perfect case the husband) gives you not only physical pleasure but also spiritual.

Taken into account all above mentioned benefits: calories burning, muscles work, spinal column consolidation and above it all you are getting satisfaction. So, why not to do it?