Vacuum therapy and TCM

Vacuum therapy is the vacuum massage and the right placement of cups. The history of vacuum therapy usage is quite old but at the same time is pretty mysterious and controversial. There were lots of different methods of vacuum therapy treatment, some of them are no longer used and the others are still preserved.

The origin of vacuum therapy goes back to the ancient times. Since ancient times, judging by the tradition, people tried to ease the pain, used various cups, etc. It was noted that as a result it brings relief and even in some cases full recovery. Wisdom and knowledge of many generations has helped to develop and enrich this popular method of treatment. In modern times, after thousands of years, vacuum therapy is in demand and is used in many countries.

Cupping as a treatment was originated in China and has more than 400-year old history. In ancient Eastern medicine it was believed that vacuum therapy can be successfully used in the treatment of acute pain, joint diseases, pneumonia and other diseases. It must be noted that, when done correctly, under a cup there must be small bruise.
Vacuum therapy is widely used in other countries of the East - Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Tibet, etc. Cups may be of various shapes and sizes.

The first attempt to understand and figure out how to influence the application of medical cups on the body, and to give scientific interpretation was made in 1920, the famous physician V. X. Vasilenko (1926). He showed that when using cups immediately after the observed lowering of blood pressure by 25 mm Hg. Art., and heart rate (HR) were slowed by 20 beats in 1 min. Also it changed the blood parameters: the number of cells increased by 20%, while the number of white blood cells reduced by 15%.

This method is complementary and provides a high effect with acupressure and acupuncture, creates a special effect on biologically active points

It is extremely helpful for losing weight and getting rid of cellulite. When large areas of the surface warming of the skin it improves the blood flow and promotes resorption of cellulite deposits. The skin becomes more smooth.

Indications for use of vacuum therapy: cellulite; thoracic and cervical spine; for diseases of the peripheral nervous system; pain in the muscles and muscular-tonic syndromes; etc. Contraindications to the use of vacuum therapy: at large and pigmented birthmarks in areas of expected impact; acute inflammatory disease of the skin; bleeding; hypertension; tuberculosis, rheumatism in the active form, lung abscess; with thrombosis of blood vessels; Infectious diseases.