Varicose Veins and TCM

It is difficult to avoid diseases that are caused by a person's lifestyle. In order to get through them one has to change their habits and be ready to work even harder than the person used to. Such disease as varicosity appears if one has weak leg muscles, various heart and leaver diseases. 

Varicosity is a disturbing and very unpleasant disease that usually touches women. According to statistics about 25 % of women and 15 % of men suffer from varicosity. It is characterized by a cosmetic vein defect in some part of the leg. Varicosity progressively leads to weariness, severity at the foot and convulsions. If to ignore varicosity some parts on a leg can become brown and ruby, which very soon can lead to trophic ulcer and varicophlebits. Most difficult cases end with a thrombus detachment that goes to a main pulmonary artery. Such cases usually end fatally that is why varicose veins disease is a serious illness which should be cured. 

Chinese medicine is known all over the world for its untraditional methods that give great results. Although traditional medicine denies Chinese recipes, it cannot deny success that is presented by several ancient methods. 

Chinese medicine specialists present several methods to cure varicosity. Among most famous are needle and leech therapies. 

Needle therapy is probably the most popular therapy in the west that has found its clients in many countries. Everything that concerns needle therapy just as entire Chinese medicine starts with a full body diagnosis that tells a patient problematic zones and organs that are being infected. After diagnosis is made medicals recommend their treatment that usually touch different parts o0f the body until they find a core of the problem. Needle therapy is a complex treatment that in terms of varicosity cures everything from capillaries to bones and muscles.  This therapy is also known for its distress functions that relax muscles.

Leech therapy also known as hirudotherapy is an old and famous treatment that was used in all parts of Asia. This method is very popular in Russia due to the similar boggy territories. This method is not as simple as it may seem from the first sight. It can be done only by a professional medical, who had received special education. Leeching will take way congestion and will improve blood circulation. 

As varicosity is often caused by a lifestyle of a person, one should be ready to change it dramatically. Those, who work on their feet, should be ready to change jobs. 

This disease is known to come along with different heart diseases in such a case needle therapy will be the best option. 

It is important to mention that varicosity is a fast progressive disease, which should be cured immediately. Chinese medicine is a great option till the last call, nevertheless if to drag it out one can get to a surgeon table.